Ol’tymesfryums are the perfect sider to any Indian food dish. They are healthy, and various shapes and sizes available to choose from.

Mini rolled fryums

Explore the burst of unique flavors with each crunchy bite. Enjoy it as an appetizer or a snack or t...

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Pinion fryums

Delicious Instant Munchies that can be enjoyed as party snacks – These fryums require no prior...

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Star fryums

Enjoy ready to fry and eat tasty snacks for anyplace, anytime by Ol’tymes. You can Air fry or micr...

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Mix fryums

Have the best quality fryums at your doorstep. Enjoy varieties of fryums for your meal and snacks.It...

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Flower fryums

Get the best & fresh quality Flower fryums at your doorsteps.Fry them in oil at high temperature...

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Jumbo rolled fryums

Enjoy the taste of Ol’tymes fryums which are ideal accompany your daily meals & snacks. Spices...

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Rolled fryums

Having The Best & Fresh Quality Fryums at your doorstep. Just fry them in oil at a high temperat...

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