Mamra And Poha

The original Indian breakfast with high fiber, healthy and tasty, Oltymes presentsa choice of Mamra& Poha to fill you with its nourishment. We ensure you that only the best rice goes into the making of Mamra& poha. Trust best trust Ol’tymes.

Basmati Murmura

Puffed rice is made from rice and is used as a breakfast cereal or snack.Puffed rice is made by heat...

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Kolhapuri Murmura

Some oil is added to raw rice and mixed well. Raw rice is then added to the kadhai and allowed to sp...

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Poha Thick

Thick Poha is smaller in size, prepared by flattening the dehusked rice. It gets its thick texture a...

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Poha Thin

Thin poha/Chivda is preferred ingredient in making a variety of snacks, namkeen mixture, and sweet d...

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