Why Prefer Us?

To continually exceed the expectation of our customers with excellent service, product, and supply.

Our mission

At Ol’tymes, we want to bring the authentic taste of Indian delicacy to a foreign land. We understand our customer’s requirements, what they want from us and what savors their tastebuds. This makes us a solution provider to our customers who  are to be served and allowed to enjoy flavor filled food with their loved ones. 

Our suppliers

Our excellent relationships with our suppliers play a significant role for us to become dynamic. They understand our business and deliver the expected quality within a time frame. They are the pioneer for our new product range, our innovation, and help fill the demand when there is an opportunity.

No artificial color & preservatives

We believe in making our product as per the set quality but we make sure that it does not lose out on quality. All our food is free from substitutes.

Hygiene level maintained

At Ol'tymes, ensure to work under the set standards of the said marketplace and maintain all of the sanitation guidelines, making it safe and fresh for all age groups to enjoy our products with their loved ones.

Smart & Trousseau packing

Ol'tymes lets you dress up your selected food product with customized and eye-catching trousseau packing,thus suitable for gifting and leaving your best people with immense joy.

What makes us different?

What separates us from the rest is the quality we deliver through our products

Quality & Price

Ol'tymes is not only famous for its quality but also for not burning the hole in your pocket. Our products are ranged at a competitive price of the market, making you buy more from us every time you pass through the store.

Our Commitment

Our values, quality, hygiene, and services make us unique, making our customers come to us.

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