Munch your snack, anywhere, anytime. Ol’tymes present you the range of your favorite snack from your home town with sapid flavors and a lot of goodness in a packet. Chevda, gathiya, and many more all lip-smacking and ready to eat on the go.


All-time favorite of Indian- Chevda is made up of peanuts, ghatia, chickpeas, spices, and many more. Enjoy it while traveling or at your parties; Ol’tymeschevda is fresh and will soothe your taste buds.

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Gathiya & Wafers

Gathiya, made from chickpeas flour, is an Indian snack that people enjoy at any hour. Spicy, tangy, and crispy, it has all the flavors that you love. Also, Ol’tymes wafers are crunchy and tasty that turn your dull party into a rocking one.

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Ol’tymes also serve Bhakri, which is delicious and healthy for your family.

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