All-time favorite of Indian- Chevda is made up of peanuts, ghatia, chickpeas, spices, and many more. Enjoy it while traveling or at your parties; Ol’tymeschevda is fresh and will soothe your taste buds.

Nadiyadi Mix

Pure Gujarati Snack made from gram flour,fried noodles, mixed with lentil and spice with added Nadya...

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Tikha Mix

For your hot and spicy cravings, Ol/tymes present Tikha mix. It consists of a variable mixture of sp...

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Manglori Mix

Mix Snack made from gram flour fried noodles mixed with lentil and spice added Manglori Mix is a per...

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Bombay Mix

All-time classic flavor of Mumbai served abroad.It contains peanut, peas that makes it delicious. Ch...

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Papad Chavanu

Revive your school days with our fresh taste of Khambhat Special Papad Chevdo. Made out of fresh puf...

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Surti Special

Ol’tymes present farshan, which is fresh, tasty, and delicious.Surtispecial is a tangy mixture of ...

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Khatta Meetha

For all your moods, we present Khattameetha, which tastes as delicious as it sounds.Your ideal compa...

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