Phool Makhana

Ol'tymes present a healthy and nutrient-packed alternative for your tastebuds. Packed with goodness and with a rich source of calcium and protein, our Phool makhana isa delight. Have it with tea or coffee and enjoy the crispiness in each one.

Smoky Barbeque

Barbeque flavor now in Makhanas!. This tasty yet light snack is filled with wholesome goodness. Smal...

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Pudina Punch

Who says only pudina water taste good? Try our Pudina Munch Makhana, and we ensure you will be cravi...

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Seasoned with the goodness of herbs, spices, and olive oil, Ol’tymes Peri-peri is a hit. It fits w...

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Cheesy Garlic

The new and bizarre flavor- Oltymes present the combination of cheese and garlic in makhanas. This f...

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Chatpatta Masala

Chatpattamasala Makhana is a tasty and healthy snack. It is roasted and can be eaten in fasting too....

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Black pepper salt

Ol’tymes makhanas are a healthy alternative to chips and popcorn. It is nutritious and packed with...

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Plain Phool Makhana

Also known as lotus seeds, Makhana is enjoyed as a snack during fasting.Ol’tymes Makhana is packed...

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